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Anti Tracks 9.0

Anti Tracks helps you get rid of all browser and Windows traces
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Giant Matrix Ltd.

Working in an environment where security is crucial, you need the help of a specialized tool that can remove all the traces of your Windows activity. One example comes from Anti Tracks.
At first launch, the program will provide you with a quick start wizard that will guide you through the application's configuration steps. You will be able to select which type of traces to erase, whether they're from your browser or Windows activity. But, don't worry, you can adjust these settings whenever you like from the Settings menu.

I liked the fact that the application gave me access to additional tools, besides the tracks remover, like a password manager, file hiding utility, a handy uninstaller and much more.

Another good thing about using this program is that you can set hotkeys for any type of trace you want (Windows, browser, Recycle Bin, etc.) and save a lot of time when choosing to clear activity history.

Though, when I attempted to use the Disk Wiper and remove the spare and hidden data areas within one of my drives, things didn't go as I was expecting. Every now and then, the utility freezes, therefore, it takes a while to complete its task.

Nevertheless, the program does an incredible job removing the traces of your activity and preventing other users from checking your browser and Windows traces. My belief is that Anti Tracks is worth a shot, especially when you have to pay a reasonable price to use it.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Comes with many protection settings
  • Brings you plenty of useful tools


  • The Disk Wiper freezes every now and then
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